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Missing Persons – "The Nuclear wasteland" (Self-Released Cassette) 1980

There was an extremely shit US new wave band called “Missing Persons” that existed around the same time as these middle class farm dwelling punk-hippies.
I am pleased to say that this is not that awful American atrocity, but those very sub-crass post-prog hippie-punks that were very prominent on the original DIY scene of the late seventies. They released cassettes on Kif-Kif’s Weird Noise label, were on Deleted Records’ classic “Deleted Funtime”, recorded at Street Level, and were very active on the Fuck Off records scene.
As you can see, they seemed very fond of the “Concept Performance”, a very rare hangover from the recently deceased Progressive Rock scene, this can be heard in some of their very Pink Floyd Demo style acoustic guitar.
These are the very weak points on this sprawling cassette. Hearing the sixth-form poetry and fifth-form politics sung in by a bourgeois rural rebel, accompanied by a well strummed acoustic guitar make me wanna smash something!
There’s something very wrong with an acoustic in the hands of a Brit*, Americans ok, but in the UK it usually points to a privileged or middle class background(see James Fucking Blunt etc). What is more disturbing about this recent inclination towards middle and upper class kids to pick up a banjo, or Double fucking Bass, is that the irrelevant rich are taking over the pop charts, like they did Football (that’s soccer for you Americans). If I saw that tribe of Toffs , Mumford and Fucking Sons, in the street, I’d have to organise a swift stoning to death. Oh their God, I despair for the young people of today, what the fuck are they playing at?
In fact I know; they have been systematically brainwashed to accept this shit status quo(not the magnificent band) and be happy with the crap that we are drip-fed by the Tv,Internet, glossy mags, and False Flag media lies.
Mumford and Son are the poster boys of these systems of control. So smash your Banjo’s before they have your mind too!
(counting to ten……..breathing slowly……..relaxed again!)

*I have to, at this point, say, that this generalization does not include the peerless Patrik Fitzgerald, in who’s hands the Acoustic Guitar has the same power as that of Woody Guthrie,or Bobby Dylan.

Back to Missing Persons:
The non acoustic tracks are really rather splendid, and at times sound like The Residents when they were good.
Amongst the cheap beat box electronica, we have the odd, and the very ODD, standard melodic Punk Rock number, wot ain’t half bad. This would have made a fine C-30.

Track Listing:


A. “5 Tracks on an 8 Track”

1.Rotten to the Core
2. Angst in my Pants
3.The Blue Eyed boy
4. the british Dissidents
5. The empty Gesture.

B. “5 x Wendy”

1. Mirror Box
2. Identikit.
3. Over-exposed
4. Shadow Detail
5. Cameraman.

C. “from “What am I doing Here? part one”

1. the Officers mess
2. Any Questions
3. I am A Union Leader.
4. The Urbane Gorilla.
5. The Leonard Cohen songbook.
6. To be continued….


D. from “Acoustics in the atomic age”

1. 101 Magic tricks
2. Supply and Demand
3. Between your legs
4. The Liberal Limp.
5 Consequences

E. from “what am I doing Here? part one”

1. repressive Tolerance
2.What the butler saw.
3. Platform 15 (day return)
4. Medium-Rare

F. “Casual Labour”

1. Gestures.
2. Polaroid Test.

DOWNLOAD this audio wasteland HERE!

Various – " Love Not Devotion " ( Fuck Off Records FLP002 / DELP 001) 1982

This time its a joint Fuck Off / Deleted Records release.
Featuring The almost ‘funky’ Blue Midnight, and The Hamburger All Stars , who have amongst their members, Anno, Mark and Dennis from Alternative TV. Steffy from Here And Now, Justin Adams from Impossible Dreamers and Grant Showbiz himself.
Then Protag and Mark automaton get 6 tracks for the Instant Automatons on behalf of deleted records.
How can you argue against a line up like that?

now re-upped after being removed from the hideous mediafire for copyright violation????….this is on deleted records you tits !!!!!!NOW REUPPED AGAIN TO DIVSHARE!

Track listing:

Blue Midnight – Quarter To Blue
Blue Midnight – Fireplace
Blue Midnight – Joy!
Blue Midnight – Crazy
Blue Midnight – Hot And Cold
Hamburger All-Stars – I Woke Up
Hamburger All-Stars – Swinging London Pt. 1
Hamburger All-Stars – Studded Leather Jacket
Hamburger All-Stars – My Life Is In A Mess
Hamburger All-Stars – Swinging London Pt.2
The Instant Automatons – Worcester Avenue
The Instant Automatons – Catacomb
The Instant Automatons – Too Big!
The Instant Automatons – Violence
The Instant Automatons – Drunk In Woolwich (On New Year’s Eve)
The Instant Automatons – Short Haired Man (In A Long Haired Town)


Various – " Folk In Hell :Alternative Rubbish from West London " (Fuck Off Records FO 008) 1981

Another Fuck Off Reckords Tape compilation,featuring more from the usual suspects……Mark P., Androids of Mu, Instant Automatons etc…..
Up to the normal standards of F.O. reckords; take that whatever way you want, but in my opinion these standards are peerless in the history of the recording industry.

Track listing:

A Pencil – The Advertiser
Instant Automatons – Gillian is Normal
No Comment – think
Mob – slayed
Astronauts – behave
Androids of Mu– cityscape
Steve Lake – dancin
Eduardo Brylcreme – my gal
Murphy Fed – green apples
Mark Perry – take it easy
Sir Alias – A is for artist
Tasmin Smythe – beat
Working Men – Owd yowe
Here & Now – nudge up
Mic Woods – dreaming
Blue Midnight – infidelity
Impossible Dreamers – I woke

DOWNLOAD some folk from hell HERE!

Androids Of Mu – "Fuck Off Demo Tape" (Fuck Off Records DROIDS1) 1979

And The Androids of Mu debut tape for Fuck Off Records.This is better than the album by a country mile.
Recorded at Street Level, Bristol Gardens 19th August 1979.
Bess- bass, vocals Clare – piano, vocals Corina – guitar, vocals Cosmic – synth, bass
tambourine, vocals Sooz – vocals Steffy – drums, sound Zana – flute, vocals
Niki – sax, voice of god

Side 1:
1. fast cars
2. everytime I feel
3. pretty nun
4. android reggae jam

Side 2:
1. reggae
2. space for fly freaks

DOWNLOAD this Fuck Off Demo Tape HERE!

Various Artists – "The Weird Sampler" (Weird Noise Tapes W 000) 1980

One of the classic DIY compilations of the original DIY Cassette Culture era, from Fuck Off Records spin off label, Weird Noise Tapes. No less than 10 Danny and the Dressmakers tracks on here! The 012, The Sell Outs, Good Missionaries, and ATV! A classic DIY Rant Poem from ‘The Undertaker’, Hippie Punk from Blank Space and The Androids of Mu, an Ironic DIY punk classic from the Horrible Nurds, DIY prog excerpts from Anthrax for the people with their concept album “The Grand Union Canal Mystery”, the list of greatness goes on; all this and an unknown girl and an unknown band too!
You may recognise a few tracks from that seminal vinyl ep, “The Weird Noise Ep”, but this is where they appeared first, with superbly inferior third generation copy cassette hiss.
The insert lists an Instant Automatons excerpt, but I’m damned if I can identify it!
What we do have instead is three tracks from Anthrax for the People, and the Hearing aids, and The magnificent Door and the Window.
(Yes, the ATV track listed as “the Force is Blind” is in fact “Release  the Natives”; but that’s all part of the charm innit?)

Track Listing:

a1 Opium for the people – An Unknown Girl
a2 Fish from Tahiti – The 012
a3 Dynamite – Danny and the Dressmakers
a4 Lennon’s supermarket Tango – Danny and the Dressmakers
a5 The living Dead no 5 – The Understander
a6 Lets all sign to Virgin records – The Horrible Nurds
a7 – a9 Excerpts from the Grand Canal Mystery – Anthrax for the People.
a10 Little Green Pills – Blank Space
a11 Release The Natives – Alternative TV
a12 Mystery Reggae – Unknown Band
b1  Mystery reggae part 2 – Unknown Band
b2 The Good Missionary goes for a Piss – the Good Missionaries
b3 Kif Kif’s Magic Hat – Danny and the Dressmakers
b4 Welcome to tape 3 (part one) – Danny and the Dressmakers
b5 Welcome to tape Three (part two) – Danny and the Dressmakers
b6 Money – The Sell Outs
b7 Random 5 Minute excerpt(from all I can hear is people talking) – The Hearing Aids
b8 The Wurst Band – The Door and the Window
b9 God puts a stop to the silver paper eating monster – Danny and the Dressmakers
b10 Hey Ho Hey Ho ,my Cholesterol Levels are Low
b11 The Truth about Unemployment – Danny and the Dressmakers
b12 Fast car – the Androids of Mu

DOWNLOAD this weird sampler HERE!

The Androids Of Mu – " Blood Robots" (Fuck Off Records FLP 001) 1980

(repost from October 2009 on the original suppressed Die or DIY? Blog)

The first Vinyl LP release from Kif Kif’s Fuck Off disorganisation. The all Female Androids Of Mu, and their lp “Blood Robots” from 1980.
Apparently Crass wanted to sign them up to their label,but, wanted to record them with a “proper” drummer. Of course they told the over politicised smelly hippies to… “FUCK OFF”.
Involved Suze Da Blooze (sadly RIP 2007)from Here and Now, who formed all girl band The Androids of Mu with Corrina, Cozzie and Birsen. Although a collaborative project, Suzy shared lead vocals with Corrina and wrote much of their material.

The Androids were well received by all, including the music press of the day. They were an integral part of the post punk scene and released one album “Blood Robots”, with one music paper headline proclaiming it as “Android Genius”.

produced by Kif Kif and Grant Showbiz from said group at the semi-myhical Street Level Studios.
Excellently weak and amateur rock,with an Outsider Punk Flavour; and we all like Outsider Punk don’t we???
Read a review from back in the day here.

Side One:
1. Atomic X
2. Who Cares
3. Fast Car
4. She Is A Boy
5. Pretty Nun

Side Two:
1. Confusion
2. Bored Housewifes
3. Lost In Space
4. Subtitles
5. Jeen Dreams

Danny and the Dressmakers – "The complete collection" 1979-80

By far the best band that ever picked up a violin was not The Electric Light Orchestra!!!!!…….it was obviously the immortal Danny and the Dressmakers!
So, as the twats at Mediafuckingfire have tried to supress this information by deleting allllll of my files; this gives one a superb opportunity to re-up and re-post the entire DATD’s back catalogue in one fat megapost.
This stuff was far more important to the 15 year old ‘moi’ than the Pistols ever were.
The Dressmakers really showed us youths weened on progressive rock that we could really do it too, and have a laugh doing it!
But, the main contribution that they gave to DIY music was the performance aspect that was soooo lacking in most of the bedroom bound DIYers.
What would you rather be?…..in Danny and the Dressmakers or be the Mauthausen Orchestra? Thats a complete no-brainer.
Anyone sorry loner with a tape deck could make an ‘industrial’ tape, and thousands did; but where was the performance? The Dannymakers gave us this essentila of showbiz, and art. They were the Mothers of Invention for the DIY generation, and near sub-genius’s to boot.
(200 cancellations was obviously an anti-matter version of Zappa’s 200 Motels, was it not?)
So, Download the bands epic four and a half hour long anti-rock opera, “200 Cancellations” below. Released on three C-90 cassettes on Fuck Off records in 1979. Its fucking brilliant!

DOWNLOAD 200 cancellations part 1,2, and 3 HERE!

The Dressmakers “Go Mental”, which includes such classics as ‘Miss Ellie’s Mastectomy’ and ‘Where’s me Fucking Giro?’, can be downloaded below:

Track Listing:

Side Uno
He Slaps Goats
Lets Go Down The Golden Nugget
EBB + Flo In A Concrete Jungle
Lucille Ballshow
Gerry Anderson
The Rustle Of Spring (inst)
Listen You Dumbfuck
The Life Divine
A Chocolate Supreme
I Crashed Out Man
The Dutch Drink Bowls of Spit
1092 Meals A Year

Duexieme Side
Young Musician Of The Year
Charles Bronson
Ballet Rambert
Be Cool Be Calm
I Want My Baby Back
Another Baby
Henry Spencer
Whers Me Fuckin GIRO?
Miss Ellie’s – Mastectomy

DOWNLOAD and go mental HERE!

 Lets not forget DATD’s greatest hits album “39 Golden Grates”, probably their best, and most accessable work…….;cum on baby, lite my shite!

01 – eggs on legs
02 – space oddity
03 – he’s washing the posts
04 – danny and the dressmakers going down the road
05 – dynamite
06 – lennons supermarket tango
07 – song chocolate
08 – jesus christ you’re so anaemic
09 – ernie bishops dead body
10 – whats your blood group and how does a dog digest its food
11 – rubber plants
12 – night fever
13 – alfie winbush
14 – what the world needs now
15 – whats a girl like you doing in a…
16 – drying out my rained on rizlas
17 – buddha the crab
18 – we’re crossing the pelican crossing
19 – you’re gonna get a rollockin’
20 – don’t put your bernard pokery on stage mrs eric clapton
21 dont make another bass guitar mt rickenbacker
22 – rolf harris stylophones
23 – tree
24 – rubber plants and i left my gall bladder in moss side
25 – fuckin’ bleedin’ einstein
26 – edward exposes her mammary glands
27 – tv boredom on the dole
28 – drop dead
29 – iron lung funk
30 – 69
31 – lapsang do da tea
32 – test card girls 

33 – going down the sperm bank four quid a wank
34 – donna summer
35 – you’re no doctor
36 – god puts a stop to the silver paper eating three legged monster
37 – how hot is a match
38 – hey ho hey ho my cholesterol level is low
39 – cathy and claire
40 – talking clock
41 – legalise vimto
42 – can’t you make your mind up
43 – 2001 c’est un odesy de space
44 – come on baby lite my shite
45 – if the kids are united they’d throw bricks at jimmy pursey
46 – los endos

DOWNLOAD and lite your own shite HERE! 

Sample an example of classic Dressmakers Live, recorded mostly at the Deeply Dale Festival in 1979, and Manchester Polytechnic.The whole of the back to sing again for free cassette, on Fuck Off Records, can be downloaded below, along with a couple of superflous tracks from elsewhere, eg the Eggs on Legs version from that messthetics cd-r thingy.ENJOY!

DOWNLOAD some extraeneous dressmakers HERE!

die or d.i.y.?

Celebrate the Dilettantes* of DIY!Forget the world outside,and indulge your ears in the sounds 'they' want to supress.There are no 'Stars' here save ourselves. Kill your Idols!Fuck the goverment! Fuck the corporations! DIE OR DIY?!...........What side are you on? *(dil·et·tante/ˌdiliˈtänt: (noun) A person who enjoys the arts or someone who engages in a field as an amateur out of casual interest rather than as a profession)

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